Organic Milk in School Cafeteria

Below is the email thread from my attempt at getting an organic milk option for my son’s school cafeteria. Currently, the cafeteria offers TruMoo, which I don’t consider milk. It’s more of a sugary drink with added antibiotics and hormones. The response I received was quite interesting, the Director of Child Nutrition, “is not familiar with the particular flavored milk products” I enjoy. This quote is my personal favorite: “While the science on the benefits of organic products to individual health is still inconclusive, I do know they offer delicious products.” Wow… makes you wonder who is charge of feeding our children.

–email to Director of Child Nutrition–
Hi *********,
My son and I were talking about how nice it would be if his cafeteria … offered an organic milk alternative to the trumoo milk that is sold now. TruMoo milk is not organic, high in sugar, and contains artifical flavors and other nasty chemicals. Here are some interesting facts on the Fooducate website:
I usually purchase Organic Valley and Horizon organic milk in different flavors for my son. We both feel that while it would be more convenient for us to have that option at the cafeteria, it would also be more healthy for the rest of the students and that would be a wonderful thing! He asked if there was anything I could do, and I said I can always ASK. You could say no, but you could also say YES and that would be great!
Thank you so much for you time!

Mrs. Stadler,
Thank you for your interest in our program and offering your feedback. You may not be aware but Tru Moo Milk recently reformulated their product to have lower sugar and they now use natural flavors instead of artificial flavors. While I’m not familiar with the particular flavored milk products you enjoy, I do know many organic, flavored milks do add sugar to their products.
As you know from purchasing organic milk at the grocery store, the cost is much higher than traditionally processed milk. We provide meals at a low cost to our students and adding organic milk would add a significant increase to student’s meal prices. While the science on the benefits of organic products to individual health is still inconclusive, I do know they offer delicious products. Unfortunately, the current cost of those type products is too high for us to integrate in to our menu.
Since I have the opportunity, I would like to ask you, Our milk price is currently .60 , how much above that price would you be willing to pay for an eight ounce portion of organic milk?

Thank you again,
Child Nutrition Department

(My response)
Thank you so much for writing me back. To answer your question, I would be willing to pay what I pay now for organic milk. … It comes out to be about a dollar for a carton. Maybe by purchasing a product in bulk you might be able to get more savings? Is it possible to do a trial and see what the response is?
I wasn’t suggesting at all to replace the current option because I understand that would increase the cost of lunch or the cost to the district for the free and reduced program. This would just be another product, next to the many products you currently offer our children. My son would be able to buy the organic option even if it means spending a little more. This is a personal choice, but one that I would like to have. I believe that other parents feel the same way and would be thrilled with an organic milk in the cafeteria. I hope you can consider it some more.
Again, I don’t mind sending my son in with his own milk. We thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask and see if it was possible.
Thanks again for your time.
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