The Incredible Shrinking Woman Teaching Us a Thing or Two

The other night I caught an old movie on TV called the Incredible Shrinking Woman, starring the awesome and funny Lily Tomlin. Growing up, I was a huge Lily Tomlin fan. I loved her in this movie, and I remember watching it with my dad and hearing him laugh through it all. (He has the best laugh!) Watching it, I found it so ironic that the plot line is about a woman exposed to too many chemicals in her everyday products. When trying to alert the public, she’s faced with obstacles from the corporation that created the products… who her husband happens to do advertising for. I thought some of the lines were just hilarious, and also very insightful.This movie was made in 1981. It was like a warning sign to the direction this country was going. But at the time it was made, it didn’t seem likely that anyone would be affected or harmed by the chemicals in our products. Now unfortunately, that’s become a reality to us and this movie has some interesting truths to it. Check out these hilarious (or frighteningly profound) quotes from the Incredible Shrinking Woman.
The Diagnosis

“What I’m saying Mrs. Kramer, is that you are shrinking from a combination of tap water, the flu shot, the perfume, the glue, the solvent, your bubble bath, talcum powder, shampoo, hair conditioner, setting lotion, hand lotion, mouthwash, hairspray, breath spray, feminine hygiene spray, deodorant, toothpaste, detergent, eye drops, nose drops, hair coloring, diet soda, birth control pills, and smog, set off by an imbalance already present in your system.”

The Supermarket incident


Pat: “Judith, I don’t think this is such a good idea, not to mention my legs have fallen asleep.”
Judith: “I understand Pat, but you just bear with me. This is chemical warfare and I want to show people what they’re up against. Look at this, we have Mike’s Macho Meal. Let’s see here, fortified food flavoring, eco booster, synthetic spermatizoa, testosterone, inert sugar syrup, tumicient tissue of bull scrotum. Well… I never. Here we have Cousin Bud Speedy Spuds, Well this has everything but the kitchen sink. TBHQ…”
Pat: “Judith I don’t think this is working, please get me out of here.”
Judith: “Just ignore them Pat. Of all the rudeness, don’t you all have something you want to shop for… a little poison maybe?”
Pat feels the public should be warned, so she decides to go on a late night talk show. Her husband’s boss is worried for the future of his company…

Vance: “What if these products are dangerous?”
Dan: “Dangerous! I’ll tell you what’s dangerous. If your wife goes out there and creates a crisis in confidence in American consumerism, that’s dangerous! Now maybe some of our products do attack a few blood cells, but you’re talking about a television show where millions of people, millions of people are tuning in. Now do you want to look in there and tell them they can’t trust American products?”

Of course our products don’t make us shrink, but they can make us sick. And knowing about the possible dangers is the first way to fight back and regain control of what goes in our bodies.
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One Response to The Incredible Shrinking Woman Teaching Us a Thing or Two

  1. jacquerabbit says:

    Great post! I’ll have to check out that movie, especially as that directly translates into a relevant topic nowadays. I found your article “My Journey” via the Institute of Responsible Technology (IRT) specifically regarding non-GMOs. I had the pleasure of meeting with and listening to Jeffrey Smith (IRT’s founder) at my company’s convention, and was blown away by his movie “Genetic Roulette.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It provided so many answers and has inspired me to host a screening of it in my city. It’s INCREDIBLE!

    –With Love and Light

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